Chivda Namkeen: Avadh’s Crunchy Snack Time Tales

A bit sweet, a bit salty and filled with dry fruit goodness – that is how our snackers and snacks suppliers describe the Chivda Namkeen. Being a lightweight and healthy snacking option, India has loved this crunchy snack for generations.

As Namkeen Manufacturers in Ahmedabad, we believe in enriching and preserving the rich history of namkeens in India.

So where did Chivda come from? What makes it so special? What are the names of Chivda? We will answer every question for you here.

Origin Of Chivda Namkeen

This crunchy delight, with its aromatic spices and diverse textures, finds its roots in the western states of India, particularly in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Its history brings the two cultures, beliefs and food habits together as one.

We dug into the history, tales, facts myths and found the most prevalent story about the origin of Chivda:

During ancient times, in Indian households, it was important to preserve and make use of and prevent the wastage of excess grains, including rice. Thus, the practice of flattening rice and making Chivda started.

While retaining its essence, Chiwda has adapted to regional preferences, bearing different names and variations across states. In West Bengal, it is known as ‘Chanachur,’ while in Odisha, it takes the form of ‘Chanachura’.

Evolution Of Chivda Namkeen

Chivda is incredibly versatile. Evolving with time, it is now made with many ingredients differing from region to region. However, traditional recipes usually include some key components:

  • Poha or flattened rice
  • Spices like salt, red chilli, sugar, black pepper, turmeric and more
  • Nuts and seeds—almonds, cashews, peanuts, etc.

First, Chivda was served with Gathiya and Sev, now most snack manufacturers and providers offer a distinctive blend, featuring fried peanuts, sev, roasted chana dal, curry leaves, and other local delicacies with Chivda.

In response to evolving tastes and needs, modern variants of Chivda have come up including Saboodana Chivda and Lite Chivda for fasting, these offerings showcase a range of ingredients, from traditional to innovative, ensuring there’s a Chivda option for every taste and occasion.

Regional Remixes 

Chivda comes in various regional flavours and forms. For instance, the Gujarati Chivda blends the sweetness of jaggery, spices, and dried fruits for a unique taste, while in Rajasthan Chivda is super spicy with plenty of nuts and dry fruits.

South India also has its version with tangy tamarind and spicy curry leaves flavour. Nylon Chiwda is light and crispy, while Bengali Chiré Bhaja delights with its golden colour, seasoned with mustard oil and green chillies, perfect with a cup of chai.

Eat Good With Avadh Papad Chivda

The Avadh Papad Chivda is a perfect companion for your tea-time or as a munchy snack during gatherings. Its unique blend of spices, crunchy texture, and addition of papad make it most loved among our consumers.

Whether you’re craving something spicy, tangy, or just downright delicious, this snack has got you covered with tasty snacking options. Buy your pack of Avadh Papad Chivda and more from nearby stores.

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