Avadh Snacks: Your Snacking Partner Every Day

From Papad Chivda to Sakkarpara, and from it to the Tikhi Sev, Avadh Snacks, a snacks manufacturer in Gujarat, has a tasty snacking partner for every mood and occasion. Based on the principle of quality and maximum value to our consumers, each of our 50+ products is carefully prepared using high-quality ingredients and authentic recipes.

Come along with us to snack in the desi-style with a flavorful range of namkeen, chips, fryums and more.

Namkeen of India By Avadh Snack Manufacturers

Kitne namkeen packets the?

We say, “over 15 different flavours for you to enjoy!”

In the homeland of India, where the way to the heart goes through the stomach, namkeens add that salty twist to every gathering and meal. Whether you love the simplicity of Sakkarpara or the sweet and spicy tinge of Tikha Mitha Mix or want to make your dinner special with some Special Sev, Avadh Snacks has something for you.

Papad Chivda Naylon Chevdo
Sakkarpara Bhavnagari Gathiya
Tikhi Sev Farali Chevda
Aloo Sev Mitha Farali Chevda
Sev Bundi Naylon Gathiya
Magic Puri Naylon Sev
Masala Vatana Ratlami Sev
Masala Sev Mamra Shing Bhujiya
Moong Dal Special Sev
Panjabi Tadka Tikha Mitha Mix

Morning Chai & Namkeen

Make your ‘Subha ki chai’ better with Avadh Snacks’s Masala Sev Mamra, Papad Chivda, Sev Bundi, Farali Chevda and Sakkarapara.

These Indian snacks are perfect for short, light and quick morning nibbles. And since they are made with balanced spices, they give you energy and become your tea partner if you can’t have breakfast.

For example, Farali Chevda by Avadh Snacks, a name among leading Gujarat snack manufacturers, is made from quality potatoes, roasted peanuts, chilli powder, coriander, cumin salt and other spices. Making it a superb snack with morning tea.

Lunch & Snack Munch

When you sit down for lunch, enjoy it with our collection of sev namkeen. If you like the extreme spiciness and hot flavours, our Ratlami Sev is your lunch partner and if want to add some tangy taste to your midday meal, Aloo Sev by Avadh Snacks is the best option.

Our 400 gm pack of Naylon Gathiya and Sev are our all-time favourite lunchtime snacks. Made with quality ingredients and a fine mix of spices, each namkeen pack from Avadh Snack Manufacturers will make your lunch so much better.

Evenings With Guests

Avadh Snacks manufacturer in Gujarat offers a wide range of Indian namkeen for you to enjoy during evening meetups and gatherings. If you have guests at home, open a pack of Masala Vatana, Magic Puri, Moong Dal, Sev Bundi, or Tikha Mitha Mix.

With so much variety, we have something special for everyone. Whether you like the chatpata taste of Masala Vatana or the sweet and salty combination of Mitha Farali Chevda.

Enjoy good chatter and chai with flavours that take you back to childhood memories.

With delicious treats and desi flavours, Avad Snacks brings the joy of quality snacking from all across India. Make every hour of your day special with high-quality namkeen, chips, fryums, biscuits and papads.

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