Crumbs & Crisps: The History of Biscuits

Beer made from biscuits?

That indeed is true! As snack manufacturers in India, we love everything about snacking and the celebrated namkeens of India. Today we dunk into the world of biscuits from its origin to the present day.

The Origin

The story of biscuits begins in ancient Europe. Its name comes from the cooking method that needs re-baking of bread. This method makes it more crispy, hard and durable for longer periods.

Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans all made variations of these early biscuits, which were practical for long journeys and military drives.

As trade grew, biscuits began to change shape and taste. It became more sugary, fruity, and readily available.

Fun Fact: Biscuits translate to mean-baked two times.

When Biscuits Came To India

Snack manufacturers in India traded in rich, local namkeen when biscuits came to India with the British. Firstly, they were an item of luxury, enjoyed by the royals and Britishers. 

With time, handmade biscuits began to fill the bazaars of Old Delhi where they were loved by the public. First the classic rusk, then the coconut-flavoured one, and in no time, biscuits became a morning staple with tea.

From Punjab’s Aata biscuits to Delhi’s Nankhatai and the classic Rajwadi Kaju Biscuit, India’s love of biscuits is magical.

Modern Innovations and Trends

Today, the Indian biscuit industry continues to innovate. Like the introduction of healthier choices with whole wheat, multi-grain, and gluten-free biscuits. Experimenting with flavours and textures by snack manufacturers in India has also kept the love for biscuits alive.

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From their humble beginnings as hard-baked sustenance to their current status as a beloved snack, biscuits have come a long way. In India, they hold a special place, not just in our kitchens but in our hearts. The story of biscuits is a testament to how food can travel, adapt, and become an integral part of different cultures.

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